Vice-Chancellery for Education


This area is responsible for scheduling and monitoring the performance of departments in the School and school’s policy. Sub-areas include: director of graduate studies, educational experts and graduate education and director of the education development office


Educational activities of School

Educational activities of school are carried out within the training for students of nursing, midwifery and surgical technology and empowerment of teachers and staff working in health centers.


Training students

Specialized training of nursing, midwifery, surgical technology students at the undergraduate, bachelor, master, and PhD courses is mainly carried out by faculty members of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery and in collaboration with other departments in the School of Medicine, Pharmacy, Health and nutrition.  In addition, general courses are offered by related training professors of other faculties.


Student admission system:

Entrance of Iranian students at the undergraduate and graduate courses is carried out through taking examinations in a concentrated form. Admission of Ph.D. students will be conducted in two written and interview phases. The written phase is in a concentrated form in the country and interview at the selected universities of candidates.