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آزمون مصاحبه (مرحله دوم) پذیرش دکترای تخصصی

اطلاعیه شماره 2

توزیع سبد کالایی رمضان

ضمن تبریک ولادت باسعادت کریم اهل بیت  امام حسن مجتبی (ع) ،سبد کالای غذایی بین پرسنل  توزیع گردید.

Welcome to the school of Nursing and Midwifery, Isfahan University of Medical sciences

 Nowadays, with regard to the importance of health and expansion of health related services, selection of nursing, midwifery or operating room as a  profession is the best option. Clinical nursing includes all preventive interventions from potential diseases, necessary care concerning acute diseases and rehabilitation of chronic diseases. Nurses focus their attention on changes in environmental factors and unhealthy life styles.

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